Asset Protection Wills

It's a common concern that your property's value may reduce if you go into care, and have to pay care fees. Irwin Mitchell can offer advice on how to minimise that risk. We can also take steps to ensure the value of your property is preserved as much as possible.

This can be achieved by carefully structuring your Wills. It is often the case with a married couple that whilst both are alive they can take care of each other at home. It's when one of them dies that the other usually goes into care. For this reason, the inclusion of a property trust in your Will may be the best option for protecting your assets.

Please note: This kind of property trust Will is only suitable for couples. They must jointly own property (or be willing to), and they must be considered tenants in common.

If you own your home in another way, or aren't sure how you own your home, we may have to undertake more work on your behalf.