What happens next?

Here is a diagram to help explain what will happen after you have submitted your questionnaire.

Step 1

Complete our Will questionnaire through our secure website.

Step 2

We receive your completed Will questionnaire. We refer to these as "your instructions".

Step 3

We will call you to take payment. Please ensure you have a valid debit/credit card available.

Step 4

Your draft Will is produced.

Step 5

Your draft Will is reviewed by a legal professional and sent to you. It can take up to 10 working days to dispatch it.

Step 6

You receive your draft Will. We may ask additional questions or call you to take further instructions.

Step 7

You return your draft Will to us with any changes and we send an engrossment (original final version) of your Will to you for signing. To make this Will legally binding, it must be signed as per the signing instructions provided.

Step 8

Congratulations. Your Will is now complete.